Christopher Letendre

Golf 101: Where the game, the Word, and the way it's played came from

In this article, you'll find out where the game came from, what the Word is, and how it's played. You'll also learn what makes golf different from other sports. When you're done reading, you'll kno...

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What Is Professional Insurance Specialization?

A range of specialist insurance policies are available for professionals. These policies protect against a multitude of hazards, including liability and property damage. The sort of insurance you r...

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How Many Kinds of Financial Advisors Are There?

The fees they charge are a big difference between RIAs and broker-dealers. RIAs are fiduciaries who look out for their client's best interests. This means that they can only recommend products th...

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Is It Worth Paying for Investment Advice?

In order to get financial advice, you'll have to pay an adviser a charge. Fees might be based on a percentage of sales or on a flat platform cost. Three to six percent of the transaction price is t...

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Should You Pay Fees for Investment Advice? What to Look for in a Financial Planner's Fee Schedule

Is it worth paying investment advising fees to access a professional financial advisor? This service is sometimes less expensive than a typical investor's overall investment costs despite advisers ...

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